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Future Courses

Future Courses

by Rodrigo Arteaga -
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The following courses have not been created yet. They can be given on demand. 

Chay Revelation 101 (Coming soon). This course is part of the book "Ten Words that Will Change Your Chay"

Course on how to deal with iniquities, covenants, agreements, curses, or generational memories.

Course on healing physical issues, spiritual body blockages, and body memories.

Practical course on soul restoration and freedom from fragmentation and regions of captivity.

Practical course on healing spirit issues, such as lack of blessing, fear, betrayal, shame, guilt, rejection, and abandonment.

Practical courses to learn how to remove attached dead human spirits, elusive entities, and synthetic structures (spiritual implants).

Practical courses on how to use different inner healing models for the spirit, brain, soul, body, or heart. 

Models such as Inner Healing with the Spinal Column, Healing the brain, The Community of the Spirit, The Seat of Dominion (3-5 levels deep), Length and Width and Height and Depth, and The Two Olive Trees model.

Topics on traumas with time, land, people, purpose, or role issues.

Topics on inner healing with Fractals of 2,3,4,5,6,7,10, and 12.

Courses on how to get the human spirit to help with soul fragmentation, regions of captivity.

Healing the Chambers of the Human spirit.

Discovering, healing, and restoring Mental Structures.

Topics about the Legal abyss and the Courts of Heaven.

Course on discovering The Human Heart Dimension.

Waterfall Inner Prayer Protocol.