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  • Course on how to deal with iniquities, covenants, agreements, curses, or generational memories.
  • Course on healing physical issues, spiritual body blockages, and body memories.
  • Practical course on soul restoration and freedom from fragmentation and regions of captivity.
  • Practical course on healing spirit issues, such as lack of blessing, fear, betrayal, shame, guilt, rejection, and abandonment.
  • Practical courses to learn how to remove attached dead human spirits, elusive entities, and synthetic structures (spiritual implants).
  • Practical courses on how to use different inner healing models for the spirit, brain, soul, body, or heart. 
  • Models such as Inner Healing with the Spinal Column, Healing the brain, The Community of the Spirit, The Seat of Dominion (3-5 levels deep), Length and Width and Height and Depth, and The Two Olive Trees model.
  • Topics on traumas with time, land, people, purpose, or role issues.
  • Topics on inner healing with Fractals of 2,3,4,5,6,7,10, and 12.
  • Courses on how to get the human spirit to help with soul fragmentation, regions of captivity.
  • Healing the Chambers of the Human spirit.
  • Discovering, healing, and restoring Mental Structures.
  • Topics about the Legal abyss and the Courts of Heaven.
  • Course on discovering The Human Heart Dimension.
  • Waterfall Inner Prayer Protocol.

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