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Introducing 'Twelve Amazing Meditations' from the original Mindset program. Immerse yourself in a transformative journey as you explore the profound Chay dimensions. Each meditation is carefully crafted to restore balance in specific areas of your life, unveiling a path of personal growth. Embrace the transformative power of this journey as you uncover your true purpose and ignite the flame of personal realization.

Embark on a mystical journey of self-discovery with our transformative course, inspired by the revelatory book, "Ten Words that Will Change Your Chay." Through 11 captivating video prayer sessions, you'll access the depths of your inner self. Each session invites your spirit to reveal and diagnose different dimensions, while meditative questions empower your prayers to remove life's spiritual obstructions. Experience the profound restoration of each dimension to its true design. For inquiries, contact course@chay.life. To read the course selling page see here. chay.life/pray

Yearly or Monthly subscription
  • Hebrew and practical understanding of the Chay dimensions.
  • Live Zoom meeting: Q&A, group prayers, fellowship…
  • Short videos, diagrams, and forums. 

Contact: Rodrigo@chay.life for an update on this course. 

See the following link for more information: https://chay.life/program

Chay Meetings, is a transformative course within the Chay Mindset Program. This 12-month journey comprises 12 teachings and 12 follow-up classes, offering meditations, exercises, and inner healing techniques. Each teaching includes a meditation and practical exercises to accelerate your personal growth. You can complete the course in less than a year. 

Contact Rodrigo@Chay.Life for an update on this course. 


A free course to learn in general about the human spirit with 3D characters and excellent voice overs. Seven videos are planned. Only one is shown at this time. 

Practical advice on how to work with the human Spirit in inner healing. This course includes nine videos, five audio blessings, and a PDF with a blessing for the human spirit, dialogue examples with the human spirit, and an open forum to discuss experiences with our human spirit. A special focus is made on the Chay Prayer template.

This is a free diagram in PDF format that you can download and print it. It is about how to clean step-by-step memories stored at different body systems. 


ACCESS CODE: Use the first Hebrew word written in chapter six of the Book Ten Words That Will Change Your Life. 

DOWNLOAD IT NOW. The following diagram will help you keep track of the dimensions or chambers you enter in the spirit when doing an inner healing prayer session.